If you teach any techniques of scattering and would like to transform your course into e-learning – please join e-neutrons.org. It is also possible to simply pick and mix which parts you would like to use for your course.

We are in the process of preparing a course for teachers on how to create your own course on this platform. This course will be an introduction to three different subpages:

  • MOODLE – the online e-learning platform which provide a range of different learning activities and resources
  • WIKI  –  an online interactive textbook covering the curriculum of the course: introduction to neutron scattering
  • SIM – an online simulation tool where you can simulation virtual instruments built in McStas.

Moreover, you can get a “non-editing teacher” permission and look the existing courses through behind the scenes.

Before applying for enrolment on the course for teachers you need an account for e-neutrons.

Apply for enrolment by sending an email to admin@e-neutrons.org, then you’ll get a response from the e-neutrons admin team including an enrolment key.


Please contact admin@e-neutrons.org.